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Jun 08 2011

A Year Already? Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

At the Best Buy headquarters in Minneapolis last May, I gave a presentation on Marketing Yourself with Social Media…Without Being Annoying at the Social Recruiting Summit (now known as the Recruiting Innovation Summit). I was the final presenter of the day, and after I finished, I walked over to David Manaster, CEO of ERE Media. The day before, David had told me he wanted to chat with me after the conference was over. I assumed it had to do with SourceCon, since he had purchased it in July 2009 and I was voluntarily editing the newsletter. The conversation that followed led three weeks later to a really cool career change, and I just celebrated my one-year anniversary working for ERE Media as Editor of SourceCon.com and The Fordyce Letter. Continue reading “A Year Already? Time Flies When You’re Having Fun” »

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Sep 20 2010

#SocialRecruiting Summit Seattle: My Personal Experience

Last week, I attended the Social Recruiting Summit in Seattle, WA. This is the first time that SRS has been to Seattle, and also the first time a lot of attendees have been to this part of the country. I already posted up a synopsis of the content of the conference over on SourceCon.com, but I wanted to share my personal experiences from the conference here.

This is the second ERE conference I’ve attended since joining the ERE Media Inc. team back in June. Conferences are a different experience when you work for the company that is producing them! I have job duties I am responsible for and I have to make sure I get some good points from the presentations to do coherent write-ups from the sessions afterward. I still have much to learn from Todd Raphael and John Hollon, my fellow Editors at ERE. Todd is the Editor-in-Chief of ERE.net and John is the Vice President for Editorial at TLNT.com and both of them have extensive editing backgrounds. I’m the new kid on the block so I am learning lessons from them, step by step. (c’mon, you know I had to throw in a NKOTB reference there!)

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Sep 08 2010

#SocialRecruiting Summit Seattle: Do you need a lift from the airport?

Only four days remain before recruiters, sourcers, and HR types alike will be gathering in Seattle for the Social Recruiting Summit on September 13th, hosted at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA. This event is right in my backyard (OK, not “literally” in my backyard… but I only live 90 miles north of Seattle!) and I am super excited for many of you to come and see how beautiful it is out here!

Since I really want to have the chance to meet all of you, I am going to be doing two things at this conference:

  • I will be getting you checked in the day of the event. Since we’re getting things kicked off early in the morning, perhaps someone will bring me a venti Pumpkin Spice Latte? :) (Starbucks just brought it back for the fall on 8/26 – hallelujah!)
  • I’m happy to provide shuttle service from the airport to the hotel when you arrive on Sunday!

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Jun 10 2010

Two Predictions For The Future of Sourcing

As I step into my new role with ERE as Editor of The Fordyce Letter and continuing my duties as Editor of The Source Newsletter, I wanted to flesh out a couple of observations I have made in recent months regarding the sourcing world. I have heard several people, including a number of sourcers, express concern for the future of our function. These concerns have ranged from automation to irrelevance due to the vast number of social technologies at our fingertips. While I do agree that our roles are certainly changing, I would like to offer up a couple of predictions I’ve been rolling around in my mind regarding these concerns. Continue reading “Two Predictions For The Future of Sourcing” »

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Jun 02 2010

New “Media” for the Research Goddess: I’m Joining ERE!

Over the past eight years, I’ve gone from working with search and placement firms to working with corporate recruitment organizations, conducting research for high tech industries, financial services, construction, PR & marketing, and telecommunications among others. I’ve blogged, tweeted, Facebooked, LinkedIn, and shot video in hopes of sharing knowledge with all of the wonderfully interesting people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting throughout my career. My Research Goddess blog grew wings and took off, and helped me establish a well-known and well-respected online presence. Each chapter of my professional career has ended with a paragraph leading seamlessly into the next chapter. And the end of this chapter is certainly no exception…

Next week, I will be joining ERE Media, Inc. as the Editor for The Fordyce Letter as well as The Source Newsletter. I will also be helping out with organizing the Fordyce Forum and SourceCon conferences. I’ve had a long-standing relationship with the founders of SourceCon, serving as the editor for the newsletter since 2007 after the first conference was put on. When ERE Media purchased SourceCon last year, I continued in this role on a voluntary basis, and when the opportunity came recently to join ERE as an employee and also take on The Fordyce Letter, I couldn’t say no! I’m super excited about this opportunity – not only will I get to continue working with SourceCon, but I will also get to return to my roots by working closely once again with recruitment search firms and helping bring relevant news and information to both worlds.

As the daughter of an English teacher and a card-carrying member of the Grammar Police, being an editor is a natural fit for me. This new chapter is an ideal next step for my career – I have the opportunity to be a change agent in sourcing and a part of the grand tradition of The Fordyce Letter. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, The Fordyce Letter has been the gold standard for search and placement firms for the last four decades. It was purchased by Paul Hawkinson in 1980, and a few years ago ERE acquired it from Hawkinson. The newsletter has always delivered high quality articles from some of the most successful search professionals in the industry, and I intend to see this continue.

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed my time with AT&T – I have learned and grown so much professionally over the last year and I am grateful for all of the wonderful relationships I have been privileged to build while there. My experience with AT&T I really believe will help me be successful in my new role. I will miss my AT&T colleagues, but as I’ve said before, changing companies doesn’t mean friendships end! I plan to keep in touch with everyone there and hope to see many of you around the conference circuit.

My first duty with ERE will be attending the Fordyce Forum next week in Las Vegas. I am looking forward to reconnecting with those of you who will be there.

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